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Monday, 06 January 2014
Paula Cooke

The Whybirds "A Little Blood"

The Little Red Recording Company, 2013

  • Heavy bass blast from the Bedford boys

This is the third album from Bedford based trio The Whybirds. Up until recently they were a four piece, but the departure of Taff Thatcher forced them to decide whether to continue or not, as he was regarded as vital to the band. After a re-jig of instruments, they have pretty much started again and they admit that their sound now is much darker than previously.

This offering is full of songs of broken dreams and broken hearts. The 14 track album has a very American, West Coast feel with heavy guitar riffs and much drum and bass. At times it is a little bass-heavy with an almost heavy rock bias with interjections in the slower tracks of softer, Americana tinged tones. Supposing Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward had been born in Bedford rather than Birmingham, then they might have sounded something like this. Substitute the clanging presses of iron and steel works for brick making and lace production, and you might have some idea of where this indie Americana band are coming from. In terms of production it is all very meat and potatoes, thudding and ponderous with the odd exception such as “Kick”, which adds a little “jangle” to the weighty vibe. For example, “Before I let you down” supposes that the sun has shone brighter in Bedford than it has done in the second city.

The album was crowd funded through Pledge Music and will suit those among us who like a bit of rockiness and thudding in our music.

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