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Preston Lovinggood

Preston Lovinggood "Sun Songs"

  • Communicating Vessels, 2013
The Phoenix Foundation “Fandango

The Phoenix Foundation “Fandango"

  • Memphis Industries, 2013
Country -

Country - "Country"

  • Slipstream Records 2013
The Lonetones “Modern Victims”

The Lonetones “Modern Victims”

  • Little Thing Records, 2012
Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg "Tooth & Nail"

  • Cooking Vinyl, 2013
Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards -

Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards - "Blindspot"

  • The states51 Conspiracy, 2013
Phil Odgers -

Phil Odgers - "The Godforsaken Voyage"

  • Vinyl Star Recordings, 2013
Ted Russell Kamp -

Ted Russell Kamp - "Night Owl"

  • PoMo Records. 2013
Cymbient -

Cymbient - "I Saw Energy"

  • Folkwit Records, 2013
Annabelle Chvostek “Rise”

Annabelle Chvostek “Rise”

  • Borealis Records, 2013
Pete Kosanovich “Pete Kosanovich”

Pete Kosanovich “Pete Kosanovich”

  • Big Soul Recordings, 2013
Joe Banfi “Nomads” EP

Joe Banfi “Nomads” EP

  • Communion, 2013
Christine Owman -

Christine Owman - "Little Beast"

  • Glitterhouse Records, 2013
Son Volt

Son Volt "Honky Tonk"

  • Rounder Records, 2013
Kait Lawson -

Kait Lawson - "Until We Drown"

  • MadJack Records, 2013
Plastic Pals –

Plastic Pals – "Turn the Tide"

  • Polythene Records, 2013
Peter Cox –

Peter Cox – "Riding the Blinds"

  • Dream Theatre Music Group, 2013

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  • Chris Smither

    Chris Smither "Still On the Levee - A 50 Year Retrospective" Signature Sounds, 2014

  • Ruu Campbell

    Ruu Campbell "Heartsong" Fullfil, 2014

  • The Greek Theatre

    The Greek Theatre "Lost Out At Sea" Sugarbush Records, 2014

  • Co-Pilgrim “Plumes”

    Co-Pilgrim “Plumes” Battle Worldwide Recordings, 2014

  • Lincoln Durham

    Lincoln Durham "Exodus of the Deemed Unrighteous" Blue Rose Records 2014

  • Russell and the Wolf Choir “The Ivy Leaf Agreement” EP

    Russell and the Wolf Choir “The Ivy Leaf Agreement” EP Hearts & Stars Records, 2014

10 Years Ago

  • Mary Gauthier “Mercy Now”

    Mary Gauthier “Mercy Now” Lost Highway 2004

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