CD Reviews

CD Reviews

The Wonder Revolution

The Wonder Revolution "Firefly"

  • Airhouse Records, 2012
The Singing Adams “Moves”

The Singing Adams “Moves”

  • Records Records Records, 2012
Tinlin “Shade of the Shadows”

Tinlin “Shade of the Shadows”

  • Breakconvention Records, 2012
Trent Severn

Trent Severn "Trent Severn"

  • Outside Music, 2012
Nathan Xander

Nathan Xander "Nathan Xander"

  • Independent, 2012
Jack Day “The First Ten”

Jack Day “The First Ten”

  • Bucketfull of Brains, 2012
Dream Boat

Dream Boat "Eclipsing"

  • Cloud Recordings, 2012
Cheap Wine

Cheap Wine "Based on Lies"

  • Cheap Wine Records, 2012

Lau "Race the Loser"

  • Reveal Records, 2012
Jacob Morris

Jacob Morris "Moths"

  • Cloud Recordings, 2012

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  • Various Artists

    Various Artists "Sandbanks, Swallows, Slatterns & Saints" Thames Delta Recording Co, 2014

  • The Oldtime Stringband

    The Oldtime Stringband "Chicken Crows for Day" Independent, 2014

  • Jon Allen

    Jon Allen "Deep River" Absolute/Monologue, 2014

  • Wesley Wolfe

    Wesley Wolfe "Numbskull" Independent, 2014

  • Dan Amor “Rainhill Trials”

    Dan Amor “Rainhill Trials” Recordiau Cae Gwyn Records, 2014

  • David Newberry

    David Newberry ‘Desire Lines’ EP Northern Electric, 2014

10 Years Ago ...

  • Toby Burke “Winsome Lonesome”

    Toby Burke “Winsome Lonesome” Loose Music


  • The Kingston Trio, Children of the Morning.
    Written by
    The Kingston Trio, Children of the Morning. The Kingston Trio - Children of the Morning. Over the years a lot of negative critical assessment has been written and spoken about The Kingston Trio.  If ever you wanted proof that mud sticks it can be found here : despite selling more than ten million albums, to most people - if they have even heard of them -  The Kingston Trio were little more than a bunch of folk boom sell-outs, with no respect…