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We are gradually moving all of our 2002 - 2012 archived CD reviews to the new website. Any CD reviews that have already been moved to this new site can be found below (obviously, including all of our 2013 album reviews!); our 2010 - 2012 archived reviews can also still be viewed on this site using this link (note that the archived reviews load in an iframe, from a different server)

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  • The Wilsons

    The Wilsons “Boot Hill” EP Sturm Und Drang, 2014

  • Gary Fulton

    Gary Fulton "Judas" Cooking Soup, 2014

  • Peter James Millson

    Peter James Millson "Sweet the Love That Meets Return" Independent, 2014

  • Virgin of the Birds “Winter Seeds”

    Virgin of the Birds “Winter Seeds” Song, by Toad Records, 2014

  • Andrea Schroeder

    Andrea Scroeder "Where the Wild Oceans End" Glitterhouse, 2014

  • Merrymouth

    Merrymouth "Wenlock Hill" Navigator, 2014

10 Years Ago ...

  • David Olney - “Border Crossing”

    David Olney "Border Crossing" Corazong 2004


  • Nashville Airplane - Flatt & Scruggs
    Written by
    Nashville Airplane - Flatt & Scruggs This album was not the idea of Lester Flatt, of that we can be certain.  Since forming the Foggy Mountain Boys with Earl Scruggs in 1948, the pair having broken away from Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys, Flatt & Scruggs had become if not the preeminent proponents of Bluegrass then at least quite highly placed in the top two.  A regular flow of, by today's standards, brief albums fed the demand that accompanied their growing…