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Various Artists -

Various Artists - "Classic Banjo"

  • Smithsonian Folkways, 2013
Robbie Fulks -

Robbie Fulks - "Gone Away Backward"

  • Bloodshot Records, 2013
Robinson -

Robinson - "Willamina Machine"

  • Palawan Productions, 2013
Troubador Rose -

Troubador Rose - "Find An Arrow"

  • Clubhouse Records, 2013
My Darling Clementine

My Darling Clementine "The Reconciliation?"

  • Continental Song City, 2013
Robert Rossi

Robert Rossi "City Folk"

  • Magic Flight Records, 2013
The Whipsaws -

The Whipsaws - "The Whipsaws"

  • Blue Rose Records, 2013
The Migrant

The Migrant "Beads"

  • Independent, 2013
Alela Diane

Alela Diane "About Farewell"

  • Believe Recordings, 2013
Kiran Leonard

Kiran Leonard "Bowler Hat Soup"

  • Hand of Glory, 2013
Benjamin Folke Thomas

Benjamin Folke Thomas

  • Bucket Full of Brains, 2013
Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention "Rising for the moon"

  • Universal-Island Records Ltd, 2013
Ally Kerr

Ally Kerr "Viva Melodia"

  • Much Obliged Records, 2013
Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture "Moon Tides"

  • Memphis Industries, 2013
Richard Haswell -

Richard Haswell - "Asteroids"

  • Rhubarb Music, 2013

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    Sun Belt “Cabalcor” Off Season Records, 2015

  • Ballad of Crows

    Ballad of Crows "Ballad of Crows" Independent, 2015

  • Ken Tizzard “No Dark No Light”

    Ken Tizzard “No Dark No Light” Independent, 2015

  • Charlie Parr 'Stumpjumper

    Charlie Parr 'Stumpjumper" Red House Records, 2015

  • Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys “Ionia”

    Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys “Ionia” Earthwork Music, 2015

  • Danny Schmidt “Owls”

    Danny Schmidt “Owls” Live Once Records, 2015

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